ANIVERSE Monthly Report May 2022

Dear Aniones! :)

Spring has come already, have you noticed? We can already feel the breath of spring here! Team Aniverse brought the good news for you with the gentle breeze of the spring.

We have been really busy with many things for the past few months! Aniverse issued the Larva PFP NFT and sold them out in just a day.Let’s go check what we have done in March!

1. News Updates

ANIVERSE x MetaKongz x NFT Mania

3 March 2022, Character IP-based E2E Metaverse Project ANIVERSE announced on the 3rd that it would form a strategic partnership with ‘NFT Mania’, an NFT open marketplace, to present PFP NFT of global animation IP Larva.​ The Larva PFP NFT project will also collaborate with ‘MetaKongz’, a partner of NFT Mania and a representative of Klaytn-based K-NFT.​

Larva PFP NFT Sold Out

8 March 2022, The 9,500 types of Larva PFP NFT collection that was presented by Character IP-based E2E Metaverse Project ANIVERSE in collaboration with NFT Mania and MetaKongz, were sold out. According to ANIVERSE, Larva PFP NFTs were open to the sale for two days on the 4th and 5th. Out of the 10,000 NFTs, 9,500 were sold out, excluding 500 for project holdings.

Larva PFP NFT Staking System

18 March 2022, Thank you very much for your continued interest in Larva NFT. After the last AMA, we received a lot of criticism. But in the process, we were able to communicate with our holders and take constructive feedback. As a result, ANIVERSE team had a chance to discuss the staking reward system, deflation model, and future circulating supply in more depth.

>>Visit ANIVERSE NFT Official Discord for the whole announcement

Donation Certificate

23 March 2022, ANIVERSE intended to donate goods and school supplies to children suffering from leukemia in the initial planning stage, but we has decided to support the victims of the recent huge wildfires in the Ganwon-do area which caused severe damage to their living hood. The above support was donated under the name of ‘Aniverse (Larva NFT Holder)’.

Larva PFP NFT Reveal Website

25 March 2022, ANIVERSE launched Larva PFP NFT reveal website.

>>Visit ANIVERSE Larva PFP NFT Reveal Website

Reveal Site (By MetaKongz Supported) (

>>Visit Revealed Larva PFP NFT on OpenSea

2. Events

17 March 2022, ANIVERSE held an ‘ANIVERSE Larva NFT Heavy Holders Event’. The event was for holders with more than 10/15 Larva NFTs. The winner selection was based on Snapshot. ANIVERSE randomly picked 30 winners among the holders of 15 or more Larva NFTs and rewarded them with ‘Jeju Shinhwa World Accommodation Voucher’. For 10 or more Larva NFT holders, ANIVERSE randomly picked 300 winners and rewarded them with 250ANV each.

23 March 2022, ANIVERSE held the ‘ANIVERSE Larva PFP NFT Reveal Event’ for ANV holders. Our team selected 9 holders based on the amount of ANV they’re holding, holders with most chats, and randomly. As a reward, 10 Larva PFP NFTs were given out to the winners.

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